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Make a Booking

There is no easier way to finding the perfect escort companionship than through a booking. If you have a short notice or book for an immediate escort company because your date is due within the next 24 hours, it is advisable to first of all call the reception team. They will be able to make a quick arrangement for you with a lot of ease. If you use email booking or online booking for such appointments, you may be disappointed if we are not able to make the necessary arrangements in time.

Our simple booking form below is appropriate if you are booking ahead of time. You can also email us and we shall get back to you in good time. We do all the necessary arrangements while you just sit back and relax waiting for your day.

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As one of the leading Manchester escorts agency, we found it appropriate to provide you with a rich gallery of images of our escorts who come from different cultural and ratio backgrounds. What you see is what you get because our images are not lifted from stock libraries or other adult websites, but rather taken in-house with the escorts themselves.

Just to clarify, the amount you pay is for escort companionship only, but the window is open and you can freely discuss with your escort what extra thing you need and the amount that goes with it. We treat your companionship as a mutual consent between two adults. We only make the introduction and act on behalf of both of you for safety reasons and to make you relaxed in each other’s company.

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Important Notice, DISCLAIMER

Any payment you make to our escorts is regarded as a service charge in exchange for the time and companionship they will give you. Whatever else happens between the two of you in the course of your time together is taken as mutual consent between adults.

Only people above the minimum legal age are permitted to access this website, anyone else should keep off. The reason behind this emphasis is that this is an escort website and as such contains explicit, nude, and erotic pictures of hot babes working as escorts in Manchester. Because such pictures may elicit distaste and be considered offensive among some people, we prohibit access of this website to people below the age of 18 years. We also restrict downloading of images and or content from this site for wrongful use.